The Key to Happiness is Living in the Moment

We are all physically here at this moment, but not all of us are living in the moment. You see, most of us are thinking about the past or future. We are thinking about our...

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Make Every Day a Happy Day with These 13 Tips

You can create something magical as you wake up each day: a Happy Day. The decision lies in you. True, a lot of things happen every day that may extinguish your happiness, but...

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How to be Happy? 3 Useful Tips on Self-Improvement –

The key to happiness is learning how to be happy right now, while you work on achieving your goals, instead of waiting until you’ve achieved those goals to be happy. Here are 3...

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Make Every Day a Happy Day with These 13 Tips

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Self Improvement

Make Every Day a Happy Day with These 13 Tips

You can create something magical as you wake up each day: a Happy Day. The decision lies in you. True, a lot of things happen every day that may extinguish your happiness, but remember, only you have the power to change that. You can learn to be happy, have a positive attitude and complement it with positive thoughts, and you will soon be on your way to breeding happiness that does not only last today, but also a lifetime, so

Start making each day a happy day by doing the following:

1. Set an Intention

Do this every day when you wake up. You have two options to set an intention for the day. Either you ask yourself what you want from this day and what you want to offer or set an intention to offer to someone who needs it.

2. Stop Thinking about Petty Things

People tend to focus on menial matters that they don’t notice how these affect their day. If you want to produce a happy day, let go of those petty things. Got caught in traffic? Don’t focus on that, instead, use that time to enjoy the view. Arrived late in work? Focus on the positive side – you can still make the most of the remaining time. By letting go of those petty things, you also give way for great things to happen.

3. Smile and Share your Happiness

Do you wish to share happiness to others? The simplest thing you can do is to smile at everyone you come across. You never know, but it may just help the person you smiled at.

4. Learn to Appreciate Even the Littlest of Things

There are lots of small, simple things people forget to appreciate as the day passes by. It’s time to change that. The simple fact that you are alive, the smell of your morning coffee, your morning shower, and those little conversations you have with friends before starting your work day are all worthy to be appreciated. Learn to appreciate those small moments.

5. Give Yourself Something

It can be anything as simple as eating breakfast with the family, instead of having it in the car or taking yourself to lunch you always skip. Think of a way you can treat yourself, something you don’t normally do, and indulge in it.

6. Be with Happy People

Happiness is contagious that simply being with these happy people can make you enjoy the same feeling. Make your day even happier by taking pleasure in the moments you spend with them.

7. A Simple Thank You can Make Big Difference

Not just on what the recipient will feel, but also on your happiness. Saying thank you is an effective way to tell others that you appreciate them and what they do. It makes them feel appreciated and happy. Knowing that you made someone happy can bring a huge difference on what you feel now.

8. Appreciate Yourself

Making every day a happy day is not just about making others happy and appreciating them. Don’t forget yourself. Recognize your accomplishments and feel confident. Believe that today, you are showing the best version of yourself to others.

9. Get Things Done Today

Do you have your own to-do list that you have forgotten for some time now? Get it! It’s time to work on that list of yours, and revel in that sense of accomplishment.

10. Offer some Sweet Words Complemented with Smile

Any gesture made deserves a compliment. The smile is for you, for gifting others with sweet words that make their gesture feel appreciated.

11. Do Something New

Experts suggest that it is healthy to try and do something new every day. Think about those things you have not done yet. It can be as simple as ordering something you swore you would never have. This is a great way to begin and prepare yourself before you work on your bucket list.

12. Exercise

Adding exercise on your daily routine is the key to improving your appearance and relieving stress. Being stress-free can definitely help you enjoy your day.

13. What Made You Happy Today?

It is a habit you need to develop, and is valuable in cementing that you’ve spent the whole day full of accomplishments, positive thoughts and happiness felt and shared to others. Create a list of the significant things that happened during the day, especially those that made you happy and grateful.

14. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is living in the present moment which means that your awareness and attention is focused on the current moment.

That’s how easy it is to make every day of your life a happy day. Turning the steps into a habit will guarantee a lifetime filled with happiness.

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The Key to Happiness is Living in the Moment

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 in Self Improvement

We are all physically here at this moment, but not all of us are living in the moment. You see, most of us are thinking about the past or future. We are thinking about our fantasies and our worries. We get caught up with our day dream, our frustrations and our regret.

Living in the present is one key to happiness. When you’re not living in the moment, you’ll watch all those months, days, and weeks pass by without even knowing it. As a result, you’ll get frustrated and you’ll be dissatisfied with your life.

Remember that your thoughts are not part of your reality. It is not part of the present moment as thoughts either represent the future or the past. It can also be a false representation of the present, so when you’re worrying or daydreaming, you’re not living in the present.

Why is living in the moment an essential part of your happiness?

According to Maslow, all human beings have basic physiological, emotional and social needs. Human beings also have a deep need for self-actualization. Throughout our lives, we strive to be great. We strive to get things we don’t have. We work to build a big house and buy a fancy car believing, that these things will make us happy. We pursue things that we do not have, rather than appreciate the things that we have. We tie our happiness to our dream family, our dream house, our dream car and our dream life.

So, what we do is we work at least 12 hours per day just to acquire the things that we don’t currently have. You spend less time with your family, so you can build that dream house and buy that white Mercedes Benz. Then, when you finally get what you want, you will realize that it does not really matter. You’ll realize that money is not as important as time.

Living in the moment allows you to appreciate everything that you have fully. It allows you to live in gratitude. When you’re practicing mindfulness in everything that you do, you’ll learn to recognize your blessings. You’ll learn to acknowledge how lucky you are. You’ll learn to appreciate your current house, your current job, your spouse, your kids, your parents, your friends, your current neighborhood, and the current balance in your bank account.

When you’re living in the present moment, your happiness does not depend on the material things that you do not have yet. Mindfulness fills that intense void inside you and helps you realize that you are complete even when you do not have the things that you desire.

When you’re living in the moment, you’ll learn to let go of your worries and you will be able to live a happy day. It helps you accept the past without judgment and welcome the uncertainty of the future with open arms. It also helps you appreciate all the good things right now and this is the top reason why mindfulness is the key to happiness.

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Add Qigong to your Daily Routine to Enrich your Life

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Qigong

Add Qigong to your Daily Routine to Enrich your Life

Qigong is one of the ancient practices that remained popular and well-relied on by people today. It is an early health care system that involves and integrates three key aspects: focused intentions, physical postures and breathing techniques. As an ancient practice, people engage in it for four common reasons:

  • To maintain health
  • To heal the body
  • To calm the mind
  • To reconnect with one’s spirit

However, the best part is, anyone can enjoy all those benefits listed above. Regardless of your age, life circumstances, ability or belief system, Qigong can enrich your life once you add it to your daily routine. That’s how beneficial and convenient this ancient practice is. Even with its benefits, there is still so much to learn about the subject, which you’ll further know below.

Qigong/Chi Kung

Qigong is composed of two Chinese words, with Qi pronounced as “chee” and Gong pronounced as “gung”.

The first word means the life force flowing through all things in the universe while the second word signifies skill or accomplishment cultivated with the help of steady practice. Combining the words, you will arrive at this definition: a system that cultivates energy and is practiced for healing, increasing vitality and maintaining good health.

The Three Aspects of Qigong

The combination of these three aspects made it possible for the ancient practice to enrich one’s life. All style classification of the practice shares these same aspects. In this practice, there are those who mainly increase the Qi, while others circulate it, utilize it to cleanse and heal the body, and store or emit Qi to heal others. These practices vary from different styles, from soft internal type, like Tai Chi, to the external and vigorous type, like Kung Fu.

However, all age groups, even the physically challenged, can easily adapt with the slow gentle movements of Qigong.

The health care system is not a cure-all, but rather a highly effective practice recommended by many health care professionals. It is recognized as a vital form of alternative complementary medicine. As an effective practice, it can bring many health benefits, including increased vitality, enhanced immune system, improved stamina and lower stress levels. The practice is also linked to improving the body’s respiratory, lymphatic, digestive, circulatory and cardiovascular functions.

How the practice works plays an important role on enabling these health benefits. It creates awareness and influences dimensions of a person’s being that are not normally part of any traditional exercise programs. Such aspects are the meridian system linked with acupuncture and the importance of including breathing techniques and mind intent to physical movements that are not involved in most exercises. By adding these dimensions, you also increase the benefits of exercise exponentially.

Enjoying these health benefits is only one part of what you can get from consistently engaging in it. Perform it regularly and you also benefit from maintaining your health even as you age, quickly recovering from illness and regaining your youthful vitality. More importantly, it is the key to reestablishing your body-mind-soul connection.

You can Enjoy All these Qigong Benefits too!

Anyone would want to receive and enjoy all those health benefits mentioned above. The good news is, you can by adding it on your daily routine. It is not only full of benefits; it is also versatile because anyone can engage in it, from children to seniors, or super athlete to the physically challenged ones.
Children who practice Qigong learn how to channel their energy and develop improved concentration. Office workers benefit from reduced stress and seniors enjoy a more balanced and enhanced quality life. Even programs are now developed for target individuals, like caregivers who wish to embrace the practice and develop the ability to help other people. Programs created for inmates to help restore their balance and midwives to help ease childbirth through related techniques are also available.
However, all these benefits are only possible if you have the right instructor by your side. You may also choose to learn the practice by yourself if there are no teachers near you. There are videos and instructional books that you can access for this purpose.

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